Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Symfony : Plugin Installation

To install plugin in Symfony
# symfony plugin:install sfGuardPlugin
Uninstalling the plugin is just remove of plugin from the project
# symfony plugin:uninstall sfGuardPlugin
To upgrade the plugin
# symfony plugin:upgrade sfGuardPlugin
To list the installed plugin
symfony plugin:list

Symfony Installation in Linux

To Install Symfony framework, required php-pear package. that help to install/un-install the symfony.
There are few steps to install it and run on CLI:
Step 1: yum install php-pear*
Step 2: pear install symfony/symfony
Step 2: if you are specific to install symfony version
pear install symfony/symfony-1.1.9
check symfony version:
# symfony -V
TO Un-Install Symfony
pear uninstall symfony/symfony