Thursday, May 22, 2014

Zend Framework 2: JobQueue Module


Today i share my first module "JobQueue" on Zend-Framework 2 module site :)


JobQueue is a Feature of the Zend-Server and i use this feature in Zend-Framework2.

JobQueue Module is basically use to handle heavy background process. It helps to increase the Web App performance.  JobQueue service can be used for the following scenarios :
  1. Preparing data for the next request (pre-calculating)
  2. Pre-caching data
  3. Generating periodical reports 
  4. Sending e-mails 
  5. Cleaning temporary data or files 
  6. Communicating with external systems.

    Job Queue module is useful with Zend Server 5 (though not as part of the Community Edition).
You can download the JobQueue Module from Git-hub i.e

NOTE: Please make sure your zend-server service should be running.

Below screen-shot that shows, once you run the module in your application then you can view your application job status send via JobQueue module on zend-server.

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